Akbaria Grand Hotel,Bogra at Bogra Sadar
Akbaria Grand Hotel,Bogra at Bogra Sadar
Akbaria grand hotel Hotel in bogra

Akbaria Grand Hotel,Bogra

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Kazi Nazrul Islam Rd, Satmatha, Bogra sadar, Bogra-5800
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Akbaria Grand Hotel,Bogra in Bogra Sadar, Bogra

Akboria (Bengali: আকবরিয়া) is one of the oldest corporate groups in northern Bangladesh. It started its journey with a restaurant that aimed to bring change in the lives of inhabitants of Bogra in 1905.In 1905, Late. Md. Khoshjahan Ali opened “Muhammad Ali Restaurant” . After 6 years in 1911, it was renamed as “Akboria Grand Hotel” (Bengali: আকবরিয়া গ্র্যান্ড হোটেল) by his son, Late. Md. Akbar Ali who took over the business from his father. During the 19th century, Hindu were the majority in northern region of the country and had dominance over most of businesses, as a result the Muslim community was treated unfairly. Since the cow is a sacred animal to the Hindus, its consumption was prohibited in the whole northern region of the then Rajshahi Division. To tackle the injustice towards Muslims, ‘Akboria Grand Hotel’ started its journey and is claimed to be the first restaurant that started selling beef commercially in the northern region, within very short time gaining massive popularity among the Muslim community. After few years, they started to feed poor people for free everyday past mid-night and are claimed to be the only company to do so in the country continuously for over 100 years till today. It is not unusual for restaurants to feed people with leftovers, but Akboria is claimed to feed over 300 destitute people everyday past mid-night for free with freshly cooked local cuisine dishes like rice, curry, local type of ragù etc. cooked specially for them. They are also claimed to be the largest sellers of Lachcha Semai (Bengali: লাচ্ছা সেমাই), a Bengali local version of fried vermicelli, in the district.

Akboria Grand Hotel, situated near Shatmatha in Bogra, a district in the northern part of Bangladesh, is celebrating a century as a business entity and for its humanitarian and social services. Akboria Grand Hotel in Bogra has a restaurant, hotel and also sells almost 180 items of bakery including bread, cake and cookies in ten branches. With a mission of alleviating poverty by turning beggars and homeless into workers, since its establishment this traditional hotel and restaurant in Bogra has changed the lives of many through its several humanitarian and social services. In fact it may be the only business entity in the country with such a noble mission.
Since its establishment in 1912, the hotel authority everyday has been providing free dinner for at least 100 needy and homeless. Soon after 10:30 at night the needy and the hungry are seen to be lining up on both sides of the street in front of the hotel.
The locals in the town claim this to be a highly unique and extra-ordinary deed by Akboria because they have never heard of any other restaurant or hotel in the country that feeds at least 100 people for free on a daily basis. They hope that the hotel authority will continue this great service and their other humanitarian and social services until the Day of Judgment, Qyamat. The Akboria Hotel authority also funds more than 50 mosques, madrasahs and Islamic schools.
Atif Aslam, Yusuf Sadeque, Md Rashedur Rahman, Abdul Karim Mir, Sharup Saha and several other locals of Bogra have mentioned that Akboria is a pride of not only Bogra but also of the whole country.
The local people have informed that the original owner of Akboria Hotel was Alhaj Akbar Ali. During his life time from 1890 to 1975 he never hesitated to sacrifice his wealth for the needy and the poor and for social and humanitarian services. Shahjahan Ali, Siddiqur Rahman, Jahangir Hossain Tota, Shahanur Islam Shaheen, Hossain Ali Dulal, Hasan Ali Alal and his other successors are also following the footsteps of Akbar Ali by continuing the noble deed of Akbar Ali which is humanitarian and social service and working for mankind (Bangla News).
For their honesty and dedication in their service it did not take long for the hotel soon to gain reputation not only in the Northern part of Bangladesh but also throughout the whole country. For keeping limited profit, yet providing good quality and hygienic food within a short time this hotel became a role model for restaurant business in Bogra. In a very short time this place became a popular destination for dining out for locals of Bogra. Though the authority here had to serve a high volume of customers they never let their care or service down. In fact, customers have mentioned that the high level of care and service provided by the authority and the employees at Akboria provided them great satisfaction.
Employee at a Bank, Shobha and businessman Shamim has mentioned that they have been to several restaurants in the northern part of the country and also in capital Dhaka but nowhere they have found such high quality food in such low prices like at Akboria (Bangla News). The food items here are mouth-watering, especially the food at this place tastes like home-cooked meals. The hotel authority stated that the high demand and popularity of their yoghurt sometimes makes them run out of yoghurt even before evening.
Manager at Akboria, Shamim Talukdar and Branch Manager at the bakery section, Zillur Rahman has mentioned that every day the restaurant prepares five to six types of high quality yoghurt and at least sixteen to seventeen types of sweets (Bangla News).
Another manager at the hotel, Mahmud Aurangozeb informed that for only 300 Taka a night, guests can stay at their hotel which maintains a good standard. The cost also includes free breakfast, towels, toiletries and a ‘daily’ (Bangla News). While recalling the history of the hotel, manager Mahmud mentions that the little recognition that the hotel has earned is through literature, news reports and through praises for the customers but the hotel has never earned any recognition nationally. He believes that if the hotel earns national recognition then other businesses would feel encouraged and motivated towards humanitarian and social services.
Shah Moshiuzzaman Mejba a regular customer at Akboria and a Bogra resident has mentioned that just like Akboria if other businesses in the country performed their corporate social responsibility then it would greatly benefit the society, especially it would help to reduce poverty.
Hossain Ali Director of the hotel mentioned that he has learned from his father that Allah helps those who help mankind (Bangla News). This is why since childhood besides doing business he is helping mankind.


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Photo Gallery of Akbaria Grand Hotel,Bogra
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Customer Reviews
Mahmudul Hasan
Mahmudul Hasan
Guest review
Review on April 23, 2018

A very good option for having three meals a day if you're an outsider. No hesitation about the food quality and price is also very reasonable. You'll get every possible common dishes within your budget.

Topon Paul
Topon Paul
Guest review
Review on April 23, 2018

Most popular and historical restaurant, bakary item's as well. Quality service, some great products and wonderful environment and location.

 Ali N Huq
Ali N Huq
Guest review
Review on April 23, 2018

Faluda is great, price 70-80tk. They usually dont provide ice cream in faluda. When we ordered faluda they did not have proper ice that's why they provided faluda with ice cream. I recommend to eat with ice cream. Great taste. :)

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