Walton at Mohammadpur
Walton at Mohammadpur
Walton show room Mohammadpur walton show room


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Johori Mohollah , Ring rd, , Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207
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Walton in Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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Welcome to the official Walton Facebook page! Get all the latest information about Walton products, features and events.

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Photo Gallery of Walton
  • Air conditioner
  • Domestic and industrial generator, dvd player, microwave & steam oven, manganese & alkaline battery, and various types of necessary and useful home appliances
  • Mobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Refrigerator & freezer
  • Television & home video
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Established Year: 1977


Saturday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am-9:00 pm

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Air ConditionYes
Noise LevelAverage
Waiting SeatYes

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