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Dear Sir,

As Salamualaikum wa rahamatullah. 

We are very much grateful to the Almighty Allah that He has given us the opportunity to serve you in holy hajj, Omrah, Ticketing ,Visa Processing etc. Alhamdulillah.

Sir,     We are the Malaysian Visa processing agent of the Malaysian Embassy. The Company is also offering e token for Indian visa. We have gathered skilled manpower to serve our clients to feedback the demand of the clients in every departments.

As a service oriented business Al Hajj Travel Trade is always trying to facilitate the clients to develop the service and promote the business day by day.


My prayer to The Almighty Allah to give us the power to serve for mankind.


Al hajj travel trade is an IATA accredited travel agent to provide the most dependable one stop travel related service to satisfy to our valued clients.We provide ticketing & reservation with our own computer system in a competitive price. We are capable to serve our valued clients all tickets from any airlines the choice of client. 

We have been serving Hajj & Umrah package in a competitive price with the help of good reputation from an experiences mufti/Alem more than 18 years. 

We assist for visa processing for the tourist to different countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, China, India, Dubai and other countries. 

Sincere & prompt service is our main asset. We also support for e token for Indian Passengers at a very competitive price. 


The honorable Hajj passenger, 
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. 
In the light of the experience of Inshallah in 2016, we are committed to providing Hajj service.

Hajj is one of the fifth pillars of Islam. Allah forbid every person, both physically and financially, to perform Hajj once in his life. And this compulsory work has been made by making Allah very precious and meaningful by combining physical and mental labor and expenditure and time span. Therefore, the reward of Makbul Hajj is nothing but Paradise. Alhamdulillah Alhaj Travel Trade has been offering Hajj for the last 20 years with very good reputation. Al Rafi Travel Trade has been added to the Alhaj Travel Trade with the firm belief that this Hajj service will become more dynamic and dynamic. In the light of this long experience, in 2016 we are committed to providing Hajj service. 

Respected Hajjatri, like the year 2015, the quota for the pilgrims of Bangladesh can end at any time. So confirm your booking by registering before quota ends.

Considering the hotel's standard and house status, our Hajj package is of three- 

(1) V.I.I.P. Hajj Package. (2) Semi V. I, P Hajj Package. (3) General Hajj package. 



, Hajj Package and Facilities: Package Price - 5,50,000 / - (Five Lakhs Fifty Thousand). => 4 star hotel adjacent to Makkah's Sharan Sharif area => 4/5 one room, adjoining bath. => 4-star hotel in Madarajah Marquez. => Time is roughly 30 days. 

(2) Semi V.I.I.P., Hajj 
package: Package price- 4, 50,000 / - (4, 5, 000). 
=> 300 meters distance from the height of Haram Sharif in Makkah, a quality hotel. 
=> 5/6 one-room, adjoining bath. 
=> 5 minutes near Alam Sharif in Medina 
=> Excellent hotel / house with elevator. 
=> Time is roughly 30 days. 

(3) General Hajj package: 
Package price is Rs. 3,30,000 / - (three lakhs thirty thousand). 
=> Time is roughly 30 days. However, those who want to stay 40/45 days, they will pay a total of 345,000 / - (three lakh forty five thousand). 
=> 700/800 meters distance from the height of Haram Sharif in Mecca, roughly 7/8 minutes route. 
=> Value Building / Hotel Misspallah area or similar distance between Kedua Bridge5/6 room, adjoining bath. 
=> 5 minutes near Alam Sharif in Madinah, excellent hotel / house with elevator. 
=> Time is roughly 30 days. 

Possible Dates of Hajj: In 
view of the Moon in Saudi Arabia, 12/13 September 2016 (9 Jilhajj 1437 AH) will be held in the holy Hajj. Insha Allah


Hajj journey date: - 
The pilgrimage to Hajj will be held on 29/30 August 2016 and after the completion of the Hajj, on the 29th and 30th of September, 30 days will be returned to Bangladesh. InshaAllah Both will go to Saudi Arabian Airlines. 
Additional bus service arrangements
: For the most difficult 5 days of Hajj in Meena, Mozdelha and Arafa we hire additional buses in addition to the bus of Mollam. It is a lot of trouble in the most difficult times.

Grateful (Sacrifice):
Hajj Package does not include Soul. If the honorable pilgrims wish to sacrifice themselves through the agencies, then 500 Saudi real or 11,000 rupees can be sacrificed through the agency.

food: In catering system, daily 3-hour Bangladeshi food will be served in Inshallah. 

Hajj training: 
We give some correct information about pilgrims hajj by training several times. Our important goals and objectives are to make them suitable for conducting Sahih Hajj activities.

our supervision, the well-arranged places of Mecca and Medina Sharif were arranged by the experienced Alam Ulema under our supervision.

Papers required for Hajj:
(1) International origin passport (Gajach, will be valid till 31 March 2017). 
(2) Hajj form of agency 
(3) Photo-passport size 4 copy and stamp size 4 copies 
(4) Photocopy of voter ID card

vaccine: To provide vaccination, pilgrims should appear in the District Civil Surgeon Office or the prescribed hospital with certificates, blood group paper and 2 copies of the passport size photograph and vaccinate to be submitted to the book agency.

Payment schedule and method: 
Rs 100,000 / - (one lakh) will be required to be paid during booking. The remaining amount will be paid according to the official notification.

Name of the bank account: 
(1) Alhaj Travel Trade, Current Account No. 3689, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Uttara Branch, Dhaka. 
(2) Al Rafi Travel Trade, Current Account No. 0981020000012, Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd., Sonargaon Janapath Road Branch, Uttara, Dhaka. 

Every Haj pilgrim has to pay the money to any one of the banks mentioned in the cross check / pay-order / dd / tt etc. or to receive the receipt online, but the cash money is not acceptable.

The following items should be taken for: 
For men: 
White cotton yarn thick (5 hand tall in three three feet) for 5 hours, 3 pajamas, Punjabi 4, Half sleeveless sweater 1, sandals 2 pairs, lungi and ganji 3, towel, Needle-yarn, toilet paper 2, plate, spoon and glass, mesawak / brush 2, thin katha 1, sheet 1, mirror, chuniya, oils used, and oil of Taiyammum. 

For women: 
Headgear, head hat, three-headed hairdresser handkerchief, salwar 4, kamiz 4, big ornament 3, hands and feet socks, pamasu and shoes, bed sheets for bed and screen. 

* The Pilgrim Pilgrims

It is very difficult to achieve the obligation of Allah ta'ala. It does not cost money only, it is also hard to know. There must be mental preparedness and patience to be very painful. All Hajj pilgrims are evaluated on the basis of Allah, and Allah is on the basis of piety. Masala-Masayel, along with you, as a well-known scholar guide for deed scripts and handling Hajj easily. Still, your sincere cooperation should be to fulfill this responsibility. For the sake of patience and religion, the agent is responsible for the custodian.

Our slogan: 
Inshallah Chhabar and Shukra will take these two tools with us and keep us from all kinds of ghibat and shayakayet. Do not ruin your Hajj by shouting ghibata. Regardless of any requirements, it is kindly requested to contact the guides in full time.


Keep in mind that the main objective of Hajj is to achieve God's satisfaction.Therefore, all the aims of pilgrims, thoughts, consciousness, labor, money and time are to be worshiped on the basis of the central and the Khalas intention of God. So it is very important to teach Hajj rules with Hajj training. Allah Almighty, make amazement of us, Ameen!


Inshallah the first week of each month, will be performing the Umrah package.

Rule of Umrah Package: 
Package price is Rs. 1,05,000 / - (one lakh five thousand). (Negotiable) 
II. Time is 12-15 days. 
3. Near quality hotels. 
4. The above packages are applicable for the lowest 4 groups. 
5. If there are at least 20 passengers, then the Umrah service will be provided through the guide. 
6. While confirming package bookings, 50% of the package price will be deposited in advance. 
7. After confirming the booking of the package, if there is any change in the flight, ticket reconfirm charges and hotels will be paid. 
8. For any particular reason, the date and value of the package is subject to change authority.


(Tickets and Visas) are subject to discussion. 



As Al hajj travel trade is an IATA accredited travel agent, all tickets are provided from this office by our own computer under BSP system. Anytime you need tickets we are capable to supply you subject to the availability of the seat capacity.

We can also provide E-ticketing, most modern system of ticketing which given us more facilities ever before. You can purchase E-ticket from our own computer system by sittting in your place through internet.

Travel operations:


  • Hajj and Umrah Package
  • Travel counseling, Reservation & Ticketing
  • Fare Quotation
  • Travel Profile
  • Package Tour

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Our Services

  • Air ticketing
  • General hajj package
  • Semi v. i, p hajj package
  • Umrah
  • V.i.i.p. hajj package.
  • Visa processing


  • Fare quotation
  • Package tour
  • Travel counseling, reservation & ticketing
  • Travel profile


  • Air Condition - Yes
  • Bike Parking - Yes
  • Parking - Street
  • Waiting Seat - Yes
  • Wi-Fi - Yes

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