Angana Resort in Kapasia, Gazipur

“Angana”, is a Bangla word used to describe a very beautiful woman. Who else could be more beautiful than Mother Nature?

Man, in his futile attempts to prove his mastery over nature, has only helped to destroy its beauty. Factories have disfigured our fields, our cities have become congested and polluted and the future of our nation is now imprisoned in small cells called classrooms and apartments. Escape the rigours and stress of city life and unwind in the tranquillity of a Bangladeshi village. At Angana, we have attempted to preserve nature’s pristine beauty, in all its glory, serenity, grandeur and majesty. Angana attempts to blend the bounties of nature with creature comforts, without encroaching upon the wonders of God’s creation. Located in the tranquil settings of village Surjonarayanur in Kapashia, Gazipur, we are just an hour away from Dhaka International Airport.

It is spread out over an area of eight acres that have been fully secured with high perimeter walls for privacy and security. The entire area is under constant surveillance by closed circuit TV’s and security guards.

We provide landscaped gardens; ponds and gazebos; picnic facilities for 500+ persons, with full catering and fun activities for children like a playground, pony rides and boating, Meetings, trainings, workshops and brainstorming sessions can also be ideally conducted here with provisions for overnight stay. We offer seventeen tastefully decorated, fully furnished and air-conditioned bedrooms, with attached modern bathrooms that can be used for overnight/weekend stays. We also offer meals, snacks and beverages to make your stay pleasant and memorable. A swimming pool, a badminton court and a deer park have been added to make it more of an enjoyable experience for you.

In Business Since: 2003

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