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About US : Azad & Company is the best law chamber service company in Dhaka and a  Law Firm comprising of a team of young & energetic legal experts. Being a modern-styled law firm, we always remain technologically updated. Our competent lawyers gathered together with a common concept of reaching the peak of excellence through implementing the principle “hear the client thoughtfully & advise professionally” under the purview of law & equity and top corporate law chamber in Bangladesh.

Since our commencement in 2009, Azad & Company has grown into a highly regarded destination for our clients to obtain a quality legal solution and best leading service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 50 lawyers, Azad & Company has a nationwide client base.

Headquartered at Paltan in the capital city of Dhaka, Azad & Company is a law firm located in several areas in Bangladesh. With a strong record of innovation and commitment to our core values, we provide legal services in a wide range of practice areas. Azad & Company is a place where diversity and accessibility are widely championed, and all out-dated practice is ignored.

Why Choose us?

Azad and Company is one of the biggest and respected law firms in Bangladesh. But for us, this has never simply been a matter of size or rankings. It’s the direct result of our commitment to one founding principle. We combine sound legal counsel with a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses to resolve their legal challenges. We care about the quality of our services, the success of our clients and the relationships that are forged through those successes. Whether you are an organization who needs an expert advice or an individual who needs direct help to resolve legal issues, we offer all the specific legal expertise you need.

Vision of The Firm

Azad and Company is committed to helping clients achieve outstanding legal services around Bangladesh and beyond as well as managing their business strategies. Our Philosophy is to keep pace with rapidly changing business environment in Bangladesh by constantly assessing and improving our client service standards. We are committed to try our level best to handle with the matters meticulously analysing the pros & cons in the best professional manner which we strongly think will bring both goodwill & encouragement for us towards our journey ahead.

Accessibility & Our Support

We provide our clients with a service that is both professional and personal. We always keep open-ears to all your concerns and we hope that this is the best global law chamber in Bangladesh and Our clients range from multinational companies, leading local Banks and companies, enterprises to emerging companies developing industry-leading technologies. We also advise the government and public sector bodies.

We value the relationship between lawyers and our valued clients and we put a lot of effort to “make this relationship work”. Our “friendly and approachable” services are consistently identified as being “among the best”.

We pride ourselves in our excellent reputation for providing quality legal advice. Our specialist lawyers are experienced in all areas of law, including civil litigation, corporate & commercial issues, company issues, all sorts of contracts, land-related issues, family issues, labor law, intellectual property law, and admiralty law and Global law.


The depth and breadth of our expertise mean we can handle complex cases that may be beyond the scope of many other full-service firms.

In Business Since: 2009

Our Services

  • Admiralty
  • Banking & finance
  • Child custody and adoption
  • Company matter
  • Divorce and family law issues
  • Hr & employment issues
  • Litigation


  • corporate matters
  • Arbitration
  • Banking & financial issues
  • Civil & criminal matters
  • Company formation
  • Copyright & trademarks
  • Drafting of agreements
  • Land related issues
  • Legal opinion
  • Vetting of agreements


  • Air Condition - Yes
  • Environment - Casual
  • Noise Level - Average
  • Parking - Yes
  • Take-out - Yes
  • Takes Reservations - Yes
  • Waiting Seat - Yes
  • Wi-Fi - Yes

Hours of Operation


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