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Welcome to the official website of Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur. I do hope your visit to this website will be meaningful and  worthy of your time spent.I also would like to invite all bright academics and students from all over the globe to join us in this exciting experience of learning and research.

General information

Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur is the only university in Rangpur divisional town. This university is the result of long days’ movement and demand of mass people of this area. This university was started  in 2001 during the period of then Awamileague Government in the name of ‘Rangpur Science and Technology University’ .The then government laid the foundation stone  of this university. But the next BNP- Jamat alliance Government stopped the activities of Rangpur Science and Technology University. As a result this prospective university has not got its practical form. Later a university in the name of ‘Rangpur University’ was established on 12th October in 2008 by the then Care- Taker Government on demand of all walks of people of Rangpur. Here, it needs to mention that Rangpur University was established on the land acquired by Awamileague Government in 2001. Rangpur University was renamed as ‘Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur’ by grand alliance government in 2009.
At present Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, BTFO, Grade-1 Professor of public administration department of Dhaka University is rendering service as fourth Vice Chancellor of this university. Now there are twenty one departments under six faculties. Bangla, English, History & Archaeology departments under Faculty of Arts. Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, Mass communication & Journalism and Public Administration departments under Faculty of Social Science. Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry departments under Faculty of Science. Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunication departments under Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Geography & Environmental Science and Disaster Management departments under Faculty of Life & Earth Science. Management Studies, Marketing, Accounting & Information Systems and Finance & Banking departments under Faculty of Business Studies.
Apart from these departments, an Institute in the name of “Doctor Wazed International Research and Training Institute” has been established as per name of internationally renowned atomic scientist Dr. M A Wazed Miah. This institute will provide higher degrees, that is, M.Phil and Ph.D degree parallel to research work.
Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur is situated near Modern More called gateway of Rangpur town on seventy five acres of land. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurates the permanent campus on 8th January in 2011. Now 9574 students are reading in this university. There are 145 Teachers, 112 Officers and 406 Employees in this university.
Four academic buildings, a library building, an administrative building, Residence of Honorable Vice Chancellor, Four dormitories (for teachers & officers), three residential halls (one for female students and two for male students), a central mosque, a central pump, Cafeteria building, eternal road and security boundary have been constructed with a view to conducting academic and administrative activity and ensuring residential facilities. Moreover, Ten storied Dr. Wazed International Research & Training Institute building, Ten storied Sheikh Hasina hall (for female students) and a monument of Independence are being constructed at the expense of about 100 crore taka.
Transport facilities of this university have been ensured. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been given two buses for the students. University Authority has purchased four buses. Teachers, Officers and Employees use separate buses. There is an ambulance under medical center for carrying emergency patients. Various Co-curricular activities parallel to providing education in the class room are being conducted. Discussion meeting, seminar, workshop are arranged on different days and subjects. Debating competition, sports and cultural competition are also arranged. Different social and cultural organizations are working in the campus. These Organizations bring out magazines with their own initiative. Activities of all Religions are observed with festival gravity.


The vision of the university is to create skilled manpower by standard education and research to lead the nation at present and future in different fields of humanity.
Develop adequate infrastructure facilities to enable smooth running of academic actives through ensuring quality.
Accommodate as much as 8250 students by the year 2023-2024.
Increase the number of departments to 33
Produce competent teacher and researchers in respective subjects taught in the university.
Publish standard journals, books, periodicals and circulate them to different universities and other relevant agencies.



Begum Rokeya University is established to cope and gain equality with the advanced world in various fields of higher education and with a view to creating and extending opportunities of higher education, research and study in national level. This university will be a center of excellence for acquiring & disseminating knowledge.
Impart need oriented and mordent technology based education.
To attain educational excellence in the faculties and disseminate knowledge acquired in respective fields.
Undertake fundamental and applied research in the relevant field of human knowledge
Setup academic museum, laboratories and research centers for promotion of teaching, training and extension of research.
Arrange seminars, conferences, workshops and training for teachers and staff.

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